Sustainable Building Materials


In the realm of sustainable construction, the evolution of building materials has taken a significant turn towards eco-friendly practices. One such innovation making waves in the construction industry is the development of carbon-neutral bricks. These bricks are revolutionizing traditional brick-making processes by significantly reducing carbon emissions and environmental impact. Let’s […]

Slack has been Hacked – Are You Vulnerable?


Hackers have infiltrated the popular business chat software, Slack, using a watering hole attack. An undocumented backdoor program was utilized by hackers during the attack on Slack, this program was designed to give hackers control of infected computers using Slack. The “watering hole” attack is a technique for infecting websites […]

Virtual Offices: Are You Aware of Them?

What is a virtual office? A virtual office is a service which permits workers and business owners to operate remotely by offering a selection of business functions accessible on the net. Additionally, it enables businesses to create and maintain a presence in a location without paying rent. A virtual office […]

NVIDIA & Gigabyte: GPU Prices Expected Drop by 20%

2018 might finally see the prices of GPUs stabilize thanks to the drop in popularity in mining cryptocurrency. Nvidia and Gigabyte, both major GPU manufacturers loved by gamers and creatives alike, both predict a fall in demand of GPU’s in their latest report. In their initial report, they say they […]

Would You Sacrifice Your Dreams To Attain Them?

Starting a business is a rough journey. Most business owners would not have it any other way. It is a badge of honour which we display. I, for one, have certainly made many errors along the way. These aren’t mistakes that I’m afraid of, but rather, they have helped me […]