Virtual Offices: Are You Aware of Them?

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office is a service which permits workers and business owners to operate remotely by offering a selection of business functions accessible on the net. Additionally, it enables businesses to create and maintain a presence in a location without paying rent.

A virtual office enables businesses to have lots of the advantages of a physical office but with no real space or desks.

Why use a Virtual Office?

These virtual offices enable companies to possess the following:

A company postal address
This helps companies seem a bit more prestigious than they may otherwise be.

A secretary
This helps if you’re arranging meetings in the vicinity of your digital office, since it makes that virtual workplace look a bit less virtual to your clients and business colleagues.

Envelope opening and scanning service
If you are getting physical letters sent to an address where you are not, virtual office hosts can scan and email a copy over to you so that you can keep on top of your mail.

Meeting rooms
you may not have access to a ‘fulltime’ desk, but you can arrange meetings in these places as well.

Phone answering and voicemail services
This simply helps you manage your incoming calls, and means that you don’t need to offer your personal mobile, but rather use a true landline number that makes you seem a little more ‘expert’!

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